Moving to Hashnode

My website is still there but it won't be a blog anymore.

Table of contents

Hello, if you know me, you might know that I have a website at It is my personal website that I write to. But, I move to Hashnode for now.


I have tried so many stacks to setup my personal website. I tried Gatsby, Gridsome, Hugo, Hexo, and 11ty. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. The latest one is Gatsby. I used Gatsby Contentful Template for The one I used is outdated so you might get to a different template.

I found that I take so much time customizing website and rarely publish any content at all. It's never good to me. I need to tweak it many times. It's time-consuming. So, my solution is basically..

I am not doing it.

Yes, I just don't make my website a blog and use Hashnode for blogging platform. I choose Hashnode because I see Hashnode sites many times from My friend also suggest me this so I confirmed my hesitation and move here.

What will happen next?

Well, it will be there but not a blog anymore. I think I will change it into personal portfolio and portal website. It would give me more freedom over technologies because I can put fancy things without affecting readability of my content.

After moving here, I plan to publish in both English and Thai to attract both Thai and international audience. I don't have schedule or any concrete plan yet. I think it should be ready after final exam season.

For everyone who read this, have a nice day!